Evan Thomas Spiegel

Who is Evan Spiegel?

Evan Spiegel is the co-founder and CEO of the popular application known as Snapchat. Snapchat was founded in September 16, 2011. The idea of the creation of the mobile application Snapchat, was proposed as a class project.

Evan Spiegel had proposed the idea of this to his classmates while studying product design at Stanford University. While at Stanford, Spiegel was also a part of the Kappa Sigma Social Frat House. He also had an unpaid internship at the Red Bull Sales Department before he even came up with the idea of Snapchat.

Future Freshman

Spiegel’s first company that he had created was named Future Freshman. It was a website meant to help high school kids with advice and help when it came to applying for colleges. This first business failed miserably, but then Snapchat came along. With the Snapchat app, Evan Spiegel was named the youngest billionaire in the world in 2015. 


Snapchat is the well-known mobile application that allows users to use filters, texts, effects, and create shareable snaps that disappear. Through Snapchat, you can also create stories which are multiple snaps that you can share with amongst your friends.

Over 180 million people use Snapchat everyday. You can use face filters to look different, swap faces with a friend, and play games. You are also able to add artwork based on where you are and what’s going on around you. Another cool concept about Snapchat includes that you are able to make your own personal emoji.

There are over hundreds of stickers you can use to send to your friends as well. There are also special effects that can change the lighting, turn day to night, change your voice, and create stickers out of different images and pictures. 

Picaboo Prototype

The first prototype of this app was named Picaboo, they later renamed as Snapchat. Once the app was developed, it grew significantly in popularity. This caused Evan Spiegel to dropout from Stanford just weeks before graduating to focus on the Snapchat start-up. Snapchat has changed the way people view deleted images and deleted conversations.

On this app, conversations tend to delete right after you open the message sent to you and reply, the only way to save the conversation is to either screenshot the messages or tap on the conversation and the message is saved. You are also able to program through your settings, that messages be deleted only after 24 hours of viewing them.

Discover on Snapchat

Users are able to view snaps and videos from all around the world in real time. There is also a discover page available on the app that shows you news and shows that are catered to your interests. You are also able to view who you snap the most and your best friends can be accessed easier.

Like regular text messaging, you can text and send images individually or as a group. Snapchat is offered on both Google Play and the Apple store. Snapchat is not only viewed as an entertainment and communication app, but can also drive results to your business.

Advertise on Snapchat

Through Snapchat, you can create ads that will generate more leads or signups, increase web sales, increase the number of visitors to your location and more app downloads or conversions. Companies as well as normal users can pay to have their own custom geo-filter created. This can be used to promote a company or highlight an event or party occuring. The features you can discover on Snapchat are endless. 

How much money does Snapchat generate?

Today, the revenue that Snapchat has made in the first quarter in 2019 is 320 million U.S. dollars. The average time users spend on Snapchat is approximately 25-30 minutes a day. There are over 3 billion snaps sent daily and Snapchat users use their app over 20 times a day. Snapchat primarily has a younger audience and is a platform of social media that younger people stay connected with.

There are multiple ways the Snapchat social media platform can be used for. It can be used for personal or business related use. It is an application that is free to download and use on any smart mobile device. Snapchat cannot be used on the desktop, unlike other social media platforms. 


Evan Thomas Spiegel has created a social media platform that is heavily used by millions of users a day. The Snapchat app has gone through several obstacles and it has been difficult for Spiegel to maintain steady profits and increase the number of new users that create a Snapchat.

However, new features and new updates are sure to attract and increase the number of Snapchat users. There’s no telling for certain what new features we can expect from Snapchat.

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